Responding to the release of several new products and strengthening growth in international markets, Electronic Navigation Ltd has welcomed back long-time industry person Dave James to help further develop WASSP Multibeam in the Asia-Pacific region. 

Dave has an extensive work background in the maritime sector. He combines technical knowledge with a strong understanding of practical applications, having formerly worked aboard vessels.

Dave brings 20 years’ experience in sales management to bolster the growth of ENL through sales and support of its popular WASSP Multibeam Echosounder technology.

With a focus on the Asia-Pacific region, an important growth area for ENL, the company has ambitious plans to build on its success and cement a place as the world leader in multibeam technology.

“I am so impressed with ENL’s ability to innovate and diversify WASSP Multibeam Echosounder technology, continually adding value to new markets and end-user applications,” says Dave.

“It is truly inspiring to be part of this energetic team as we continue to push boundaries and share our Kiwi ingenuity with the world – I am really looking forward to working with our APAC partners to grow our business together”.


Dave previously worked for ENL for over a decade so he brings an intimate knowledge of ENL’s products and customer requirements, along with industry insights that will allow the company to grow further.

Celebrating 75 years in marine electronics, ENL continues to show its strength, both in leading the domestic marine electronics industry, and as an innovative powerhouse on the global stage. ENL is constantly moving into new markets and expanding its product capabilities. |