FOR THOSE WHO know the history behind Eyachts and founder Peter Hrones the move into sailing will come as no surprise. Hrones has been sailing for 45 years and for the last 30 years has brought  many of Europe’s sailing yacht brands to Australia. When the right brand was found it was natural progression to add sailing yachts to the Eyachts portfolio

Y Yachts fits well within Eyachts portfolio of power boats: “We have decided to bring in a select few models that fit our criteria; efficient hulls, lightweight and great performance,” says Hrones.

Michael Schmidt, founder of Y Yachts is changing the game, making luxury carbon sailing yachts ranging from 70 to 100ft which break the bounds of possibility. YYachts are made to perform and to be sailed short-handed. The exclusive use of carbon makes them light weight. Combine this with large sail areas and you have a recipe for performance.

Hrones explains,“For example, the Y7 is under 30 tonnes where competitors are 40 to 50 tonnes or even more.”

YYachts are also about the 5-star experience they provide during the journey, a space that you could imagine yourself living in.

For New Zealand buyers  this could mean a European pickup and the opportunity to cruise all over the world in comfort and luxury.