IKA RERE, New Zealand’s first fully electric passenger ferry has been launched in Wellington. It will enter full service for East by West Ferries by the end of the first quarter of 2022.

The ferry is powered by Danfoss’ Editron marine drivetrain system.

The 19m Ika Rere will carry up to 132 passengers across Wellington Harbour at 20 knots. It has been designed and built to complete one return run of 25 kilometres before charging dockside at a rate of one megawatt for 15 minutes while passengers disembark and board. The ferry will be charged from a 300-kilowatt charger at its overnight berth during its first year of operation.

 Ika Rere could save approximately 640 tons of CO2 annually compared to a similar-sized diesel alternative.

Electrical company McKay acted as the project’s lead electrical designer and system integrator, choosing one of Danfoss’ Editron drivetrain systems to power the ferry. Danfoss’ Editron division specialises in hybrid and electric powertrain systems.