Flexofold has announced the latest addition to its product lineup, the Flexofold 3-Blade Composite Saildrive Propeller.

Building on the success of Flexofold’s 2-Blade Composite Propeller, this new addition is set to revolutionise the sailing experience for yacht enthusiasts worldwide.

The Flexofold 3-Blade Composite Saildrive Propeller is engineered with a focus on reducing weight without compromising performance. The hub is crafted from lightweight composite material, while the blades are manufactured using Flexofold’s renowned copper alloy. It is the propeller’s lightweight construction that enhances sailing efficiency and maneuverability, making it a perfect match for electric motors. Its reduced weight enables electric motors to start and power the propeller more easily, enhancing its overall efficiency.

The new propeller is almost immune to electrolysis, making it an ideal choice for saltwater environments. It offers long-lasting durability, even in the most challenging marine conditions.

Flexofold’s composite propeller stands apart from traditional metal propellers by effectively minimizing the risk of electrical transfer from the saildrive to the blades, enhancing the durability of the propeller and prolonging thelongevity of the saildrive system.

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