Gamefishing champion Nathan Adams, an IGFA world record holder and multiple gamefishing Nationals’ winner, has partnered with Lusty & Blundell to fit Raymarine electronics to his existing boat and a new, larger project vessel.
Nathan, an ex-commercial fisher who still uses his old Bluewater 6.5m ‘tinnie’ Western Break, designs and manufactures Red Gill Custom gamefishing lures. He holds the 37kg IGFA world record for a 335kg Pacific bluefin tuna and, with junior angler Jessie Wright, an IGFA world record for broadbill swordfish.
Nathan’s Red Gill Lures team was Broadbill Team Champion in the NZSFC Nationals four years in a row and won heaviest swordfish in two of those years. It also caught the heaviest billfish of the tournament with a record-breaking 800lb black marlin and won the 15kg striped marlin section of the Nationals, along with numerous other placings. Red Gill Lures was top team for the Auckland region on several occasions.
Nathan wanted the best electronics for his new 10m Seamaster. He really liked the features of the Axiom Pro 12-inch.
“It is so easy to use and, in addition to the latest Touchscreen technology, it comes with buttons and knobs so I don’t need to use a separate keypad in rough weather.”
Nathan especially rates Raymarine’s CHIRP technology and really likes the Axiom Pro’s built-in 1kW dual-frequency CHIRP sounder.
“This allows me to run the Ultra High Frequency 3D and Side Scan transducers while using the CP 570 network sounder to drive the deep water low/medium CHIRP transducer.”