Always looking for new and innovative ways to make boating better, Haines Hunter has begun offering Seakeeper gyro stabilisers as an option to its 725 range, recently fitting one to a SP725 for an avid offshore fisherman owner.

A renowned performer in all conditions, especially in the rough, the 725-model range, of which there are five configurations, is a popular choice with the serious offshore game fishing community, with a huge range of fishing options able to be added to suit anyone’s requirements. Over the game fishing season, you’ll find numerous Haines Hunter’s trolling lures far offshore, targeting prized gamefish species.

Whether you are out wide in sloppy and uncomfortable conditions, or one of your crew struggle with seasickness, the addition of a Seakeeper gyro can transform your boating. The Seakeeper gyro stabiliser apply the physics of gyroscopes to the age-old problem of boat roll in rough or sloppy seas.

How it works is that inside a vacuum-enclosed sphere, a steel flywheel spins at speeds of up to 9,750 rpm. When the boat rolls, the Seakeeper tilts fore and aft producing a powerful gyroscopic power known as angular momentum to port and starboard that counteracts the boat roll.

Small and lightweight the Seakeeper 1 system weighs only a small fraction of the boat’s displacement. When turned on, it eliminates up to 95% of boat roll, fatigue, anxiety, and seasickness that go with it.


The vacuum containment enables us to spin the flywheel three times faster, cut its weight by two-thirds, and halve the power requirements. The vacuum also allows us to protect the most critical components (flywheel, bearings, and motor) from the marine environment, preventing corrosion.

Every Seakeeper has a hydraulic braking system and active control, smart technology that automatically gauges the sea state and reacts instantaneously. This allows for optimal performance at all speeds and sea conditions.

Seakeeper 1 features a flush mount design for easier installation, runs exclusively on 12V DC power, and can be installed virtually anywhere on board. Haines Hunter have installed it aft in the cockpit, where it takes up very little space and sits tidily under a custom made cover.