ENL GROUP WILL supply camera monitoring systems to commercial fishing vessels as part of a new initiative from Fisheries NZ (MPI) to monitor the endangered Maui dolphin population on the west coast of the North Island.

The monitoring hardware is supplied by Marine Instruments; associated review software is from Archipelago Marine Research Ltd.

As the New Zealand distributor for both companies, ENL Group will undertake the system design, Factory Accceptance Testing and vessel installation.

“ENL has partnered with Marine Instruments of Spain, who manufacture world-class maritime camera solutions, and Archipelago’s EM Record data logging software to provide a turn-key solution to meet the customers’ requirements,” says Alastair Kennard, ENL National Sales Manager, Commercial Fishing.

The Archipelago EM Observe v5.0 electronic monitoring system includes a GPS receiver, multiple equipment sensors, and up to eight digital video cameras, all linked to an onboard control centre.

Equipped with Archipelago’s EM Record data logging software, this monitoring system manages and logs fishing activity data, while providing a real-time view of key fishing activities on deck.


All video, sensor, and GPS data are recorded securely to a portable hard drive. Data can be encrypted. Once the vessel returns to port the recorded trip footage and data can be downloaded by MPI staff for analysis off-site.

The supply of the Archipelago EM Observe v5.0 system to the New Zealand commercial fishing industry follows on from ENL Group’s release last year of the Olrac digital logbook and Marine Instruments GPR solution.