On Saturday November 24 the apprentices and old boys of John Lidgard Yachts & Co had a get-together reunion at the Te Atutu Boating Club. There were plenty of stories and much reminiscing throughout the afternoon.

Lidgard Yachts produced predominantly custom timber yachts from the late 1950s through to the 1990s and taught many very talented boatbuilders the art of boatbuilding along the way, most of whom are in this photo.

Those present, left to right:

Front row: Warren Vaudrey, Heather Lidgard, John Lidgard, Dan Cottrell, Alan Wright, Ailsa Wright (guests).

Back row: Bill Upfold, Nigel Armitage, David Barnaby, Dan Kamphuis, Keith Eade, Brian Vaudrey, Peter Reece, Liam Power, Chris Lovegrove, Tim Cant, Dave Millar, John Huges, Peter Webster, Duthie Lidgard, Phil Bish, Kevin Lidgard and Ian Hendren.

Special thanks to the Te Atutu Boating Club for the use of their facilities and also to Duthie Lidgard and Peter Reece, who were the main instigators.