An 80lb Manson Supreme anchor came out on top in a grim contest of staying power against a recent Atlantic hurricane.

Guy Hall listened nervously as the Florida state news broadcaster detailed the approach of Hurricane Sally.

Coastlines were being evacuated as boaties and coastal landlubbers prepared for terrifying winds, storm surge and flooding.

His Roberts DS440 steel yacht was moored in Pensacola’s Palafox Marina. Hurricane Sally was only moving at two to three miles per hour, but the slow-moving storms often cause the most damage.

“At about 0830am the 100-plus miles per hour winds began to rage and broke all the docks free,” says Guy. “I could see we’d end up in a big pile of rubble at the north end of the marina if I didn’t do something fast.

“I quickly dropped my 80lb Manson Supreme anchor and 100 feet of chain and it bit. Relief, but wondered whether it would hold.”


Remarkably, Guy not only managed to hold four boats, but also a large section of the dock for several hours as the Category 2 hurricane howled around them.

“We held a few boats for a while, all lodged against each other, but they all eventually broke away except for a 42ft Sea Ray. Sadly, after it tried to climb our bow we watched it slowly sink right next to us.”

Hurricane Sally brought four months of rain in four hours, with damage estimates of at least $5 billion and eight fatalities.

While Guy’s boat sustained scratches and damages it was seaworthy. “Despite the hurricane’s incredible power the Manson Supreme held. I was impressed – and very grateful. We had bent shackles and bent rollers, but the anchor was in perfect condition – though it took divers three hours to retrieve it!”

“The Supreme anchor was designed by sailors who’ve experienced catastrophic conditions all over the world”, says Manson managing director Ned Wood. “Guy’s story is why we do what we do. You can’t always rely on the weather, but we like to think you can rely on a Manson Supreme. We are so pleased that Guy emerged safely and was able to share this story.”

The innovative weight distribution and design of the Supreme is approved by Lloyd’s Register to SHHP (Super High Holding Power). 

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