THE MAREX 330 is a smaller version of the popular Marex 375 and envisaged as the next edition of the Marex Scandinavia. A fully-planing boat, the hull and decks are completely new.

To meet different markets, the boat is available with single or twin engines and shafts or sterndrives. The cruising speed ranges from 23 to 30 knots and top speeds from 28 to 38 knots, depending on the engines.

With a generous seating inside and out, the boat is great for day-cruising with friends. The 330 is warm in winter and air-conditioning is an option for summer.

A soft roof over the cockpit and sliding roof for the saloon open the boat to sky and optional solar panels on the roof provide up to 900 watts charging power.

Below decks a practical bathroom is situated amidships with a master bed in the front cabin and space to sleep two in the mid-cabin. Long or short bathing platforms are available, to suit your marina size.

The Marex 330 is a family cruising boat suitable for two or four people, with the option for additional or occasional guests to sleep in the cockpit.