MAST ACADEMY is the new name for New Zealand marine training organisation NZMAC ITO. 

The award-winning Marine and Composites Transitional Industry Training Organisation (NZMAC TITO) will  be transformed in response to government reforms of vocational education (RoVE) in 2021.

In a move 20 months in the making, the team behind the organisation has been recognised as a private training establishment (PTE), allowing it to relaunch as the Marine and Specialised Technologies Academy of New Zealand (MAST Academy).

As a PTE registered with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority, it will have charitable recognition and be responsible for supply and delivery of the future skills needs of the marine and composites industries.

Having previously won ‘Best Marine Apprenticeship Programme in the World’ and with a system licensed globally by international training providers, the marine and composites industries successfully argued this training was too valuable to New Zealand to lose.