RAYMARINE’S NEW Yachtsense Ecosystem connects both onboard and offboard devices to the boat’s own network and ensures skippers, whether they are onboard or not, are always in complete control of their vessels.

Yachtsense enables skippers to check over and begin preparations for their voyage before leaving home. And while at sea, all people on board can enjoy the same high level of connectivity.

An integral part of the Yachtsense Ecosystem, the Raymarine App enables skippers to connect directly to their Axiom MFDs, whether they are onboard or away from their boat. Giving complete control of their displays, it allows them to check that all systems are working as they should, enables them to ready their boat for departure and even lets them back up waypoints and other data.

A new fully-marinised router, Yachtsense Link, comes with a built-in GPS sensor and dual SIM card slots. It combines dockside and onboard WiFi, Raynet Ethernet and 4G mobile broadband unto a single, unified onboard network, allowing remote connection to all NMEA 2k devices and unlocking premium features such as Geofencing. It also ensures they always have complete control over all of their vessel’s electrical, lighting, pumping, hydraulic and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems, either from their helm or remotely.

Because Yachtsense is completely scalable, able to be endlessly configured and comes complete with an impressive three levels of redundancy, it is ideal for boatbuilders, electrical installers and owners wanting a superior, sophisticated and unique-to-their-vessel digital switching system.

Yachtsense Ecosystem is now available from Raymarine’s New Zealand distributor Lusty & Blundell’s three stores in Albany, Whangarei and Tauranga and from their nationwide network of leading marine dealers.