Ownaship ran its first-ever ‘On Water Boat Show’ in the first weekend of August, displaying their Rayglass 3500, Maritimo M51, Lucia 40 and MY40 syndicate boats.

The event enjoyed a stroke of good luck with its timing, sneaking in the weekend before Auckland went into its second lockdown.

That wasn’t the event’s only success though, with stronger interest and more shares sold than at any other event Ownaship has been part of, according to Ownaship’s managing director Simon Barker.

Simon says he was expecting interest to be high because of Covid-19 turning peoples interests to new things, but that he was still blown away with how the event went.

“A lot of people are looking for something to do with their time this summer, and it’s an absolute privilege to be able to offer Kiwi’s a simple way to get into boating. We are grateful to be able to provide that opportunity to people,” he said.

For anyone who missed the show but would like to look into syndication, get in touch with Ownaship directly via their website: www.ownaship.co.nz