PROPSPEED has been endorsed by Electronic Navigation Ltd (ENL), an innovator in wide-angle sonar technology relied on by anglers and oceanographers.

ENL has tested the Propspeed Foulfree foul-release coating and found it to be effective for keeping their transducers clean and free from marine growth.

“We installed our new WASSP wideband transducer on a 48-foot Riviera in March 2020 and applied Foulfree,” says Gareth Hodson, managing director, ENL Group. “In December, 2020 we hauled the boat out for hull maintenance, and there was no growth on the transducer. After a quick fresh water wash down the transducer was as good as new. We applied Foulfree to the entire transducer including the face of it. The performance of the WASSP worked as expected mapping the ocean at 20 knots! ”

WASSP Multibeam Sounder technology can profile the seabed 100 times faster than single-beam echo sounders. With WASSP 3D mapping in real-time, users can accurately profile the water column and seafloor with unparalleled precision. Designedfor New Zealand lobster fishermen, WASSP’s success and potential was soon realized by a growing number of commercial fishermen.

Designed by engineers and certified by Airmar to result in no loss in transducer performance once applied, Foulfree releases marine growth, reducing the maintenance needed to keep transducers clean and streamlining water flow. Foulfree is a specialized foul-release coating that is biocide-free and does not poison marine growth. Once cured, Foulfree forms a super-slippery surface over the transducer, preventing marine growth from attaching to its surface. It lasts a minimum of 12 months, with an even longer life span in cooler climates.