PROPSPEED HAS RECEIVED ENDORSEMENT from Riviera Australia. The luxury yacht manufacturer applies Propspeed as a factory standard for all new models and recommends the use of Propspeed for existing owners as protection against fouling and corrosion of running gear and underwater metals.

“Riviera has been using Propspeed on all new motor yachts built by the company for the past five years. In addition, Riviera’s aftermarket and service department based at the manufacturing facility in the Gold Coast, has been using Propspeed for the past 10 years,” says Michael Swain, Riviera’s aftermarket and service Manager. “We believe Propspeed is a superior foul-release system. Once applied correctly, we see very little growth on boats that have been in the water for 12- and up to 18-months.”

Over 40 years Riviera has created a collection of 24 models from 12-24m (39-78ft) in length. Australia’s premier luxury motor yacht builder, it has an international following and 5,700 owners worldwide.