Propspeed underwater coatings make vessels more fuel efficient, improve performance and offset fuel costs, owners say.

Several Propspeed customers have monitored their performance data before and after applying Propspeed and shared that information with the company.

Joe Riccio has been using Propspeed since 2016, first applying it to his 2002 Sea Ray 310 Sundancer, clocking up to 150 hours of runtime per season, but still noticed a build-up of growth on the running gear. After installing new shafts and propellers, Riccio applied Propspeed, hoping to reduce build-up of growth and protect his new running gear.

“Before Propspeed, the boat was doing about 25.5mph (22.2kt), burning 16.4 gallons an hour (62.1lph) on average. When I went for the first ride with Propspeed, I was amazed at the speed difference. I was going 27.8mph (24.15kt) and burning 15.8 gallons an hour (59.8lph) on average. And when it came time to lay her up for the season, all the running gear was spotless…” – Joe Riccio

When Mark Corke had his Grand Banks 32 out of the water for routine maintenance, he decided to try out Propspeed for the first time.


“I’ve run the boat enough over the years to be very familiar with its characteristics; at 1800 rpm, the boat’s speed is a consistent 8 knots. After application, running the engine at the same rpms gave an increase in speed of half a knot and a noticeable decrease in vibration from the reduction of marine growth. By my estimates, I’m using a gallon (3.8l) less in fuel over an 80-mile run and best of all, no fouling of either my prop or stern thruster.”

Bob Sisk had fresh bottom paint applied to his 2015 Sea Ray 470 Sundancer with twin Zeus-Cummins pod drives. After having Propspeed applied, Bob was amazed by the results:

“The change to the boat’s performance has been nothing short of jaw-dropping. For now, all I can say is ‘Wow!’ I never expected this much of a difference, and I’m beyond pleased.”

Larry Goldberg: “I generally use my current vessel a few days a month, typically running 3-4 hours in a day and the boat sits at dock the rest of the time. The main reason I went with Propspeed was the great experience I had with my larger boats. Propspeed kept my running gear clean for two years when those boats were used a few times a month and increased fuel economy between 10% and 15% depending on the vessel. After letting my boat sit for two months in the Hilton Head, South Carolina area, I saw marine growth on the top of the trim tabs. But after running the boat for about an hour, all the growth was gone!”

Propspeed products include Propspeed for running gear and any underwater metals, Foulfree for transducers and Lightspeed for underwater lighting.