PredictWind’s new real-time satellite and terrestrial AIS display offers users the ability to view vessel positions and movements anywhere in the world over any satellite connection.

The AIS data is available on the PredictWind website, PredictWind App, and Offshore App, and provides a wealth of information for sailors, yacht enthusiasts, and maritime professionals. The Offshore App is the world’s first app to provide AIS data via satellite, allowing users to download vessel positions within a 300NM radius.

With the new feature update, users can search for vessels by name or MMSI number and add them to their favourites list, allowing for easy tracking of friends or vessels of interest. The

real-time satellite AIS feature allows users to view any vessel anywhere in the world, while the terrestrial AIS provides land-based AIS position feeds.

The system identifies all vessel types and allows users to filter by vessel type, providing greater control over what types of vessels are displayed on the map. Additionally, users can view speed, direction, draught, destination, and ETA information for any vessel on the map.

PredictWind has also taken the integration of the DataHub with the AIS network even further. DataHub collects AIS data from all surrounding vessels and transmits it back to the PredictWind servers via the existing satellite/cellular connection, improving the quality and safety of the global AIS network.


The AIS data feed can also be shared via Wi-Fi to compatible devices or apps on board, such as the Navionics Boating App, and recorded to the DataHub’s SD card. This creates an accurate log of all nearby vessel positions, which is crucial for an insurance claim in the event of a collision.

The new features are available on the PredictWind App, PredictWind website, Offshore App. DataHub features require a DataHub. Users can sign up for a free version or purchase a subscription to access the full range of AIS features.