Riviera is celebrating more than 40 years and the launch of more than 5,800 yachts with a limited-edition coffee-table book.

Riviera – 40 Years of Evolution is a 280-page hard-bound, sleeved book that charts the course of Riviera from a small factory in the northern beaches district of Sydney NSW.

Riviera Australia owner Rodney Longhurst says: “This exceptional book encapsulates everything that drew me to be a part of Riviera in 2012, from the global family of Riviera owners to the highly skilled and experienced team who have built the yachts we celebrate in Riviera – 40 Years of Evolution.”

“Every Riviera enthusiast will revel in the informative and detailed descriptions and data collated in this book about their Riviera.”

The book follows the extraordinary course of Riviera from humble beginnings to great international demand, through changes of ownership, the tumult of the global financial crisis and its rise to world-class yacht-building status.

Each of more than 100 individual models – from the very first 38 Open Flybridge launched in 1981 to the 78 Motor Yacht that premiered in 2022 – is described in detail, including photographs, layout drawings, specifications and production information, as well as comments from some of the world’s leading boating journalists.


A 42-year timeline at the end of the book lays out every model over every year.

The book also includes a collection of front covers of some of the world’s most respected boating publications, visually charting the course that has led Riviera today creating the best luxury motor yachts in its history.