MARINE TECHNOLOGY COMPANY savvy navvy founded by ex-Google Software Engineer, Jelte Liebrand from the UK, has started overfunding on investment platform Seedrs only hours after opening its doors to investors, with offers still pouring in.

savvy navvy raised more than £800,000 within hours and will continue to overfund for as long as possible to give everyone who wants to own a piece of the marine tech company a chance to come onboard. It’s the fourth time UK-based savvy navvy has smashed its crowdfunding targets, as the popular boating navigation app company predicts another huge growth year in its markets including Australia and New Zealand, with leisure boating markets set to continue to boom in 2022.

Often referred to as ‘Google maps for boats’, savvy navvy was founded by Liebrand in 2017 who set out to simplify boating navigation. Together with co-founder Kevin O’Neill and backed by the founders of Kahoot, the savvy navvy app has had more than 43 million miles plotted by its hundreds of thousands users globally.

savvy navvy integrates essential marine information into one app, with a modern interface, and has made it quick and easy for boaties to cross-check their traditional navigation plans, reducing the risk of human error as well as the stress of preparing to get out on the water. Constantly innovating its technology based on user feedback, savvy navvy’s investment continues to enable technological development of new major app features for its boaters in more than 100 countries around the world.