Sea-Doo is the market leader when it comes to out-on-the-water fun. Their range of units is unbeatable: whether you’re a thrill-seeker with a love for making waves, keen to seek out that hard-to-access fishing spot, or new to personal watercraft, chasing fun and freedom, there’s a Sea-Doo for you.

Showcasing at Auckland Boat Show in New Zealand from 14th to the 17th of March 2024, there’s no better time to think about all that Sea-Doo can offer you and see why they’re the number-one PWC choice. The lifestyle options are endless, and at Auckland you’ll be able to get a taste of all that’s available: from the entry-level Spark to the top of the food chain RXP-X RS, your Sea-Doo Life is just around the corner.

Visit Woodbine Marine at outside Stand 14 + 22 at Auckland Boat Show 2024.

REC LITE – Spark and Spark Trixx

These entry-level units are perfect for someone who’s getting their first taste of the Sea-Doo Life. The Spark range lets you maximise your on-water fun with flashy looks, and nimble and peppy handling. In terms of value, the Spark family is light on the wallet without having to compromise on fun. It’s lightweight and easy to tow and the base Spark unit comes with a fast and fuel-efficient 900 ACE – 60hp engine–from here, the fun only increases.


The GTI platform sets the standard on the water for family fun–and the bar is high. Whether your ideal day out on the water consists of spirited riding, tow sports, fishing or just cruising, the GTI is the unit for you. Both the GTI and GTI SE models have unmatched stability, versatility and style. With engines starting at the Rotax 1630 ACE – 130, the GTI platforms are built to let you decide how wild or mild you want each ride to be.


TOURING – GTX and GTX Limited

The perfect blend of comfort, performance and attitude come together to make the GTX and GTX Limited PWCs. Spacious and confident, the GTX delivers comfort and convenience in a range of features, giving you the ultimate unforgettable experience. Three Rotax engines are on offer for this platform, letting you customise your ride and finetuning it to be just to your taste. You won’t want the ride to end.


When we say ‘performance’, we mean it. This range is not for the faint of heart: with power, speed and a need to push the limit, the Sea-Doo Performance range lets you experience high-octane fun. The GTR is designed to give you this speed (230hp to be exact), and with a nimble, predictable hull you can keep acceleration pinpointed. The RXP-X RS is the pinnacle of PWC racing performance, with a 300hp Rotax engine.

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SPORT FISHING – FishPro Scout, FishPro Sport and FishPro Trophy

The FishPro family is the ideal blend of affordable fishing and family fun. Designed in conjunction with homegrown talent, Andrew Hill, you can trust that this unit is truly purpose-built for the avid fisher. It’s unmatched in versatility, allowing you to take all the gear you need on any given day or go out a bit more bare bones. Designed with a passion for fishing at heart, this range encapsulates what it means to eat, sleep and breathe fishing.


The Sea-Doo Wake Pro gives you the most stable ride for tow sports. With that extra power and extra room, you’ll have a watersports experience like no other. The Wake Pro’s ingenious design means that you’ll get perfectly balanced power and acceleration for towing. There’s a range of features too, like a spring-loaded boarding ladder and swim platform, which gives that added ease of use.