Sealegs International, the world’s leading and most trusted manufacturer of quality amphibious boats, has announced plans to relocate a portion of its manufacturing operations to Malaysia.

This move comes as the result of a comprehensive evaluation of factors, primarily driven by the need to address increased manufacturing costs in New Zealand following the COVID-19 pandemic.

By establishing manufacturing facilities in Malaysia, Sealegs expects to achieve significant cost reductions. Which when realised are anticipated to translate into a decrease in the purchase price for consumers seeking the Sealegs experience. This move aims to expand the privilege and benefits of amphibious boating beyond an exclusive niche, making it more accessible to a broader market.

Sealegs CEO, David McKee Wright, emphasised that new product development will continue to be carried out in New Zealand, as well as manufacturing for sales for New Zealand and Australia. Sealegs remains committed to maintaining quality standards and ensuring that the systems and processes replicate those implemented in New Zealand. To facilitate this, key members of the New Zealand staff will relocate to Malaysia full-time, overseeing operations and upholding the company’s commitment to excellence.

The Malaysian government has allocated land in Malaysia for the establishment of a manufacturing facility. With Sealegs’ growing install base, approaching 1750 units worldwide, the Malaysian government recognizes the opportunity to expand its own fleets, boost employment rates, and stimulate economic growth through local manufacturing.

Sealegs International is confident the strategic move to Malaysia will not only address the challenges posed by increased manufacturing costs but also pave the way for wider adoption of amphibious boating worldwide. By leveraging the support of the Malaysian government and optimising cost efficiencies in manufacturing, Sealegs aims to create a more inclusive and affordable experience for boating enthusiasts globally.