A shared vision to provide sophisticated designs without compromising on performance has brought two like-minded companies together.
Stimson Yachts and Kit Carlier Design, led by their directors Kit Carlier and Christian Stimson, began working together in 2016.
“Kit brings the interior and exterior design expertise and I bring the naval architecture know-how,” says Stimson.
Both men have a thorough grounding in the practicalities of boat building, from commercial craft through to superyachts.
Stimson’s design philosophy is one of intuition guided by 30 year’s experience and validated by data generated through rigorous analysis.
“I use the most current design tools to understand each vessel’s characteristics before it’s built, with realistic weight estimation and weight management being among the main criteria.”

Carlier shares this way of thinking, which Stimson believes makes their collaborations so successful.
Stryda Marine’s 30-knot-plus 6m power cat is an example of such a collaboration. The company combined Stimson’s alloy hull design and Carlier’s lightweight GRP deck and cuddy for unrivalled deck space with cost-effective production and weight saving.
Later, when a Stryda was asked to carry a higher payload, the team added a hydrofoil to increase dynamic lift, raising the top speed and improving fuel efficiency and seakeeping.
Bespoke service is often the most cost-effective option, says Carlier:“When you’re dealing with us, you’re getting a design that’s 100 percent tailored to your exact needs, wants and lifestyle – it’s going to tick every box.”

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