Lusty and Blundell Ltd, New Zealand’s largest distributor of marine products and systems, has appointed Cayla Pattison, their extremely experienced retail sales consultant, as the new manager of its Albany-based showroom.

Cayla, who has been a key member of L&B’s showroom sales team for past three years, is a passionate and knowledgeable boatie. An avid dinghy sailor, she is also a talented sailing teacher and a dedicated Coastguard volunteer.

Announcing the appointment, L&B sales manager Bob Fassio says Cayla possesses all the skills to be a great showroom manager.

“She is totally committed to delivering the very highest levels of customer service,” he says. “She has an outstanding knowledge of all the products in the wide L&B portfolio and, just as importantly, has a wonderful ability to quickly and accurately assess exactly what a customer needs and ensure they get the solution that’s right for them.

“She is also very keen to share these skills with the other members of her Auckland showroom crew and is very well respected and liked by the entire L&B team.”

Cayla says she is incredibly excited about her new role.


“After selling L&B’s wonderful products for almost a decade, I know how good they all are,” she says. “And, as a passionate problem solver, I love working with fellow boaties to find practical, affordable and long-lasting solutions for any issues they may have.”

Cayla and her knowledgeable team are based in Lusty & Blundell’s impressive Albany showroom, just off the Northern Motorway on Auckland’s North Shore, which is open 7.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday.