NZ Boat Sales has been appointed New Zealand agent for SILENTYACHTS, presenting the first and only oceangoing, solar-powered production catamarans in the world that are fully solar sustainable.

A SILENT yacht can cruise up to 100 miles a day without fuel, for weeks, giving virtually unlimited range. SILENT solar power systems feed the electric propulsion of the catamarans (short-term speed up to 20 knots) and all household energy needs via lightweight lithium batteries.

Solar panels are integrated into the roof, all wiring is tin covered, while the plugs are specially designed for marine operation. Any exposed parts are corrosion-resistant and all the boats’ components are virtually maintenance free.

The small diesel range-extender requires much less attention than two large diesel engines or the sails of a conventionally-powered catamaran. Operating costs are much lower.

Solar panels have a guaranteed lifespan of more than 25 years and the lithium batteries have a guaranteed lifespan of eight years.