Dutch company Soel Yachts is setting the benchmark for highly efficient solar electric boats.

In 2017 Soel Yachts launched the first SoelCat 12 for the Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort & Spa, where the solar electric catamaran takes up to 12 guests on lush lagoon and sunset cruises. Entirely silent, it emits no carbon pollution.

The Tahitian resort has now decided to switch their entire fleet to solar electric boats with the first two Soel Shuttle 14 solar electric ferries already under construction. The comfortable layout accommodates up to 24 passengers and their luggage and a VIP version is also on the drawing board.

With an installed battery capacity of 106kWh and 80kW of Naval DC motor power, the Soel Shuttle 14 attains speeds up to 14 knots.

In 2020 The World Alliance Members of the Solar Impulse Foundation selected Soel Yacht’s solar electric boats as an ‘Efficient Solution’. The Solar Impulse Solution label seeks to bring together environmental protection and financial viability