LUSTY & BLUNDELL has established a new Specialist Lithium Team to meet the  demand for lithium batteries in marine, RV and solar installations.

Lithium has many advantages over traditional lead-based batteries, including light weight and longer cycle life. It is also one of the most cost-effective types of battery per cycle.

Because the entire capacity of a lithium battery can be used if needed, converting to lithium offers owners the option to either downsize their bank size or enjoy extended runtime.

With constant voltage throughout its capacity, lithium is a perfect choice for inverters, pumps, electronics and other electrical loads. Lithium batteries can also be operated in a partial state of charge and fast-charged when needed.

“LiFePO4, is one of the most stable forms of lithium on the market. And, with the correct Battery Management System (BMS) in place, it is far, far safer than any lead-based battery,” says L&B managing director, Mark Milburn

“With the BMS doing all the hard work, the next thing is to ensure all the other systems are in place, so owners reap the full benefit of their lithium batteries.


“Our Specialist Lithium Team can offer expert advice to produce best possible solutions for our customers.”

L&B has assembled a range of Sterling, Victron and MasterVolt lithium batteries and supporting products needed to design and specify the best system for any application.