ACP already safeguards Volvo Penta’s Inboard Performance System (IPS) drives.

Sacrificial anodes of magnesium, aluminum

or zinc are consumed over time and could wear away at any point without warning, leaving the drive at risk of corrosion.

ACP applies impressed currents through a transom unit, continually measuring and adjusting the electrical output, for ideal protection from galvanic corrosion. It replaces the need for sacrificial anodes on the drive in brackish and salt water.

Volvo Penta’s ACP system is fully integrated into the boat’s Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) and powered by the boat’s auxiliary battery, backed-up with shore power when at the dock.


The ACP package includes a control unit, a transom unit and a back-up sacrificial anode.

Volvo Penta’s ACP is compatible with Volvo Penta sterndrive engines with EVC in single and twin installations. It can also be retrofitted to engines produced from 2007 with EVC generation C2 or later.