SOEL YACHTS successfully delivered two new Soel Shuttle 14 passenger ferries to the Pearl Resort Group on Bora Bora, French-Polynesia.

The Soel Shuttle 14 is the largest passenger ferry developed and built by the Dutch electric yacht company Soel Yachts. It was created as a multi-purpose vessel to serve as a platform for environmentally-friendly boat tours, meeting the needs of water-bound resorts, municipalities and shuttling companies.

This follows the delivery of the SoelCat 12, which has been successfully cruising the clear Bora Bora waters since 2017.

The electrification of the Pearl Resorts Group  guest transport and excursion fleet plays a key role in achieving a sustainability goal for the company. Traditionally, boat emissions have accounted for the majority of the resorts’ CO2 footprint.

The two Soel Shuttle 14 primarily serve as airport shuttles for guests, providing unique PR value while keeping ownership costs to a minimum. A true win-win solution, as well as a strong message addressed to the resort industry.

The Soel Shuttle 14 is a fully-outfitted electric vessel authorized for commercial transport of up to 22 guests and two crew. The Soel Shuttle 14 is built according to Bureau Veritas passenger vessel standards and approved by Affaires Maritimes, Division 223b passenger vessels.


In the two recently delivered vessels, two 40 kW electric motors and 106 kWh of battery power were installed. Multiple motor and battery capacity options are available, allowing the vessel’s performance to be tailored to the needs of the clients.

The boats reached a top speed of 14 knots during sea trials. Every aspect of the vessel was integrally designed for electric propulsion in order to achieve this performance: the CFD optimized hull, the smart and safe lithium energy storage system, and lightweight E-glass composite material.

Specifications Soel Shuttle 14:   

Structural Engineering:
Propulsion System:
Displacement fully loaded:
Construction:                   Hull Shape:                     Displacement multihull
Max. speed:     Cruising speed:
Range @cruising speed: Classification:
Soel Yachts BV
Naval DC                       14.5 m
5.1 m
9.5 ton
Composite (vacuum infusion)
Displacement multihull
2x 40 kW (higher power optional)
2x 53 kWh (more capacity optional)
14 knots
9 knots
45 nautical miles
Bureau Veritas Passenger Vessel