MAST ACADEMY recognises and acknowledges the many peers, both past and present, who have contributed in their own way to the success and reputation of our industries – through design, a manufacturing or boatbuilding business, or unique skill in craftmanship.

The Workplace Trainer is often the first person a new apprentice or trainee interacts with. These critical first interactions determine and how well apprentices and trainees fit into and perform at their company.

These trainers and mentors are the unsung and sometimes forgotten champions of industry MAST Academy (formerly NZ Marine & Composites ITO) wishes to recognise through its Workplace Trainer Certificate.

New Zealand hosts the largest marine apprenticeship programme in the world. MAST Academy, a government-recognised private training company, works with more than 250 marine, composites, and marina businesses across New Zealand.

All these businesses have experienced and qualified tradespeople and professionals who also act as workplace trainers and mentors to any apprentices in the business.

To support them, MAST Academy has developed an e-Learning Skillpod to equip current and future workplace trainers involved in employer-led training programmes with the key skills needed to be effective trainers and mentors.


MAST will also continue to support and recognise these vital people with annual upskilling sessions through webinars/seminars.

To register for the programme, contact