Nauti-Craft, a pioneering Australian marine technology company, has partnered with Wavecalmer, a leading innovator in the boating industry. This partnership marks an exciting milestone as Wavecalmer becomes the first company to license and utilise Nauti-Craft’s revolutionary marine suspension technology for its boats in North America.

The first boat of its kind, built by Nauti-Craft for Wavecalmer, is set to be shipped from Dunsborough, Australia, to America where Wavecalmer will use it as a demonstrator. Wavecalmer plans to set up production facilities to build fibreglass and aluminium boats in the United States.

Nauti-Craft’s patented technology provides an unprecedented level of stability and ride comfort. By incorporating Nauti-Craft’s cutting-edge design, Wavecalmer aims to introduce a ground-breaking vessel that offers reduced motion sickness, increased comfort and safety, and enhanced performance even in challenging waters., and