Yamaha Marine has announced new F150, F175 and F200 models featuring innovative integrated steering and sleek new design, as well as the addition of a new 450hp model to the powerful XTO Offshore line-up.

New F150, F175 and F200
Yamaha’s new inline four-cylinder high horsepower outboards are based around the existing 2.7L (F150 mechanical) and 2.8L (F150, F175 and F200) platforms in the current engine line up.
These engines are proven in the field, delivering millions of trouble-free hours of boating to customers all around the world.

Yamaha has added two integrated steering options: either complete digital control with integrated electro-hydraulic steering, or more traditional hydraulic steering – now completely integrated within a sealed cylinder on the transom bracket.

Integrated digital electro-hydraulic steering
Yamaha’s plug-and-play system utilises an electric helm, connected electronically to the steering control unit within the engine. An electric pump actuates the hydraulic steering for smooth and responsive steering with the added benefit of customisable steering friction and sensitivity settings at the helm. Rigging is simple and clean, leaving the bilge and transom areas uncluttered.

Models fitted with integrated digital electro-hydraulic steering are compatible with Yamaha’s Helm Master EX system incorporating Yamaha’s Autopilot and Joystick control. SetPoint features automatically hold the vessel’s GPS heading or position at the push of a button.


Helm Master EX is available on multi-engine as well as single engine set-ups.

Integrated hydraulic steering
The new range of F150, F175 and F200 engines is also available with Integrated hydraulic steering. This system connects a conventional hydraulic helm and lines to a hydraulic steering cylinder built into the transom bracket where hydraulic parts are less exposed to the elements or the risk of accidental impact damage, improving long-term durability.

These engines are a great option for both repower and new boat installations.

The new F150, F175 and F200 are due to begin hitting New Zealand shores from April.

F150, F175 & F200 options
Yamaha has matched these new integrated steering options with two throttle and shift control options – Mechanical or Digital Electronic. By combining these steering and control methods, Yamaha has created three levels of engines for customers to choose from:

Mechanical Throttle and Shift Control with Integrated Hydraulic Steering
F150 F175 and F200
Signature Grey
RRP $28,015 – $32,875


Digital Throttle and Shift Control with Integrated Hydraulic Steering
F150 F175 and F200
Signature Grey
RRP $33,315 – $37,995

Digital Throttle and Shift Control with Integrated Digital Electro-Hydraulic Steering
F150 and F200
Choice of Signature Grey or Pearlescent White
RRP $33,955 – $42,755

F150, F175 and F200 engines with digital electric throttle and shift control are fitted with Yamaha’s TotalTilt system. This allows the engine to tilt up completely from any position, or fully tilt down (until trim ram contact) with a simple double click of the ‘UP’ or ‘DOWN’ trim/tilt button. There’s also an integrated tilt limiter to automatically set the maximum tilt angle to suit the boat.
Optional Propeller Light
A propeller warning light installed directly into the rear apron of the outboard motor indicates to anyone approaching the stern of the vessel that the boat is actively in Helm Master EX SetPoint mode.

New XTO Offshore 450
Yamaha adds a new 450hp model to complement the existing XTO 425. The new XTO Offshore features the same 5.6L, direct-injected V8 engine, delivering big torque and thrust to push large offshore boats. Along with an additional 25hp, the new XTO 450 delivers new many enhancements.

More charging power
The Yamaha XTO Offshore 450 features a three-phase, simultaneous charging system that delivers far more net amps at lower rpm.

Using Phase Angle Control (PAC) componentry and a super-strong magnetic field, XTO Offshore 450 models produce up to 96 net amps per engine in neutral – plenty of power to meet today’s popular, high-demand devices like gyro stabilisers, air conditioning, sound systems and more.

The XTO Offshore 450 is equipped with Yamaha’s exclusive TotalTilt feature for faster, easier, ‘double push tilt button’ engine tilting.


New cowling
New raised chrome graphics on the sides, a re-styled panel at the rear, a new flush-mounted manual flush connection up front and hidden external wiring near the bracket add to the premium look of this powerful outboard.

Optional propeller light

There is now the option of a propeller light installed directly into the rear apron of the outboard motor.

New propellers
Yamaha has also released two additional XTO prop options. A new XTO EC® prop, designed to reduce ventilation when pushing big heavy boats, and a new 27-inch pitch prop providing increased RPM at wide-open throttle for potentially more top-end speed.

Choice of Signature Grey or Pearlescent White
RRP $70,500 – $73,310
The new XTO Offshore 450 should begin hitting New Zealand shores from March.