Leading the charge is the much-anticipated redesign of Yamaha’s flagship FX Series WaveRunners.

Yamaha’s slightly longer and wider 2019 FX Series retains the 1.8-litre, four-cylinder marine engine, but hull and decks are new, including drains to efficiently remove water from the footwell.

The new hull gives a drier, more comfortable ride and easier boarding, while the new top loader intake grate and redesigned sponsons provide maximum hook up and improved stability. An upgraded control system includes a customisable 4.3-inch colour LCD touch-screen instrument panel, advanced reverse assistance, more control options for learner riders, towing and fuel management, new ultra-slow speed manoeuvring mode and three No Wake Mode settings.

A multi-mount system accepts third-party camera, speaker, GPS, fish finder or phone devices and the 2019 model also includes a storage upgrade from 125 to a 153 litres.

The 2019 FX Series WaveRunners come in four model variants: naturally aspirated FX HO and FX Cruiser HO models and the supercharged FX SVHO and FX Cruiser SVHO models, all with large 70-litre fuel tank capacity.

For 2019 the all new EXR ‘pocket rocket’ race-ready model, combines the ultra-lightweight and race-proven NanoXcel2 hull and deck with the more powerful one-litre TR-1 High Output engine, while performance upgrades to GP1800 and VXR race-ready models include new top loader intake grates and race-designed ride plates. The VXR gets an ultra-lightweight NonoXcel2 hull and deck for improved power-to-weight performance.


Finally, Yamaha has added two new model variants to its top-selling VX Series: the VX Cruiser with Yamaha’s luxury cruiser seat and the VX Cruiser HO with the cruiser seat and the much larger 1.8-litre High Output marine engine with high-pressure jet pump.