ZF’S STEERABLE SAILDRIVES with joystick docking technology will be fully-integrated into Torqeedo’s award-winning Deep Blue propulsion system, to provide superior electric propulsion and energy management.

Torqeedo’s 50kW and 100kW Deep Blue electric propulsion systems will not only offer excellent manoeuvrability and joystick docking, but also highly effective hydrogeneration performance, allowing sailing yachts to generate their own clean, renewable power.

Reversing ZF’s steerable saildrive while the yacht is under sail allows the spinning propeller to generate renewable power, which is then managed and distributed for propulsion and other onboard AC/DC power needs. The diesel generator’s role is reduced to a backup, needed only for extended motoring or longterm mooring outside marinas.

“The new fully-electric propulsion system will combine ZF’s Steerable Pod Propulsion system (SPP) and Torqeedo technology to literally steer skippers into a cleaner, more sustainable future. The system will make docking not only intuitive and relaxed, but also emission and noise-free,” said Federico Decio, Vice President ZF Marine Pleasure Craft, ZF Friedrichshafen AG.

The companies plan to launch their first products by the end of this year.

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