THE NEW POD Propulsion 4600 system from ZF provides speed and manoeuvrability to vessels from 80 up to 130 feet.

Designed for boats with planing and semi-displacement hulls and compatible with all main OEM engines up to 1,700 hp at a maximum of 2,450 rpm, the new drive technology is suitable for a wide range of applications.

The POD Propulsion 4600 system can be configurated in a two-unit (for vessels measuring 80 to 100 feet) and three-unit layout (for ships measuring up to 130 feet), depending on the application.

For recreational vessels, this includes both planing and semi-displacement yachts; professional purposes include pilot boats, supply vessels, small ferries as well as patrol and rescue boats.

The PODs possess an optimised hydrodynamic shape which significantly reduces the drag of the submerged parts. This supports the counter-rotating propellers and improves the overall horizontal thrust of the propulsion.

Compared to other pod systems on the market, the 4600 System is up to twice as powerful while still consuming up to 15 per cent less fuel than a traditional shaftline propulsion.


The design and propellers of the system are optimised for maximum speeds between 20 and 32 knots.

The POD Propulsion 4600 System also gives ship builders more freedom during the design phase. The engines can be mounted further aft, reducing the engine room and thus increasing available space for accommodation on recreational vessels and larger working areas on professional vessels.