The new 52.5-foot aluminium cruising catamaran is supplied as a comprehensive CNC building ‘kit’ with scantlings that comply with the world’s most stringent marine authority regulations.

The company’s sailing cats offer decent performance and the ability to make offshore passages quickly and comfortably. The 525 Cat design has a displacement/length ratio well below average, compared to other cruising cats in this size range.

The 525 Cat has 850mm of underwing clearance at full cruising load, for better rough weather performance and comfort, and four main watertight bulkheads, plus two collision bulkheads, for safety.

The engines are located aft with straight driveshafts and props and rudders protected by a full-depth skeg. DVS believes in the forward cockpit concept, which has performance and safety advantages over rear cockpits.

The 525 Cat design has a ketch rig. This rig’s aspect ratio reduces the heeling moment compared to a sloop/cutter configuration with similar sail area. An optional double-headsail sloop rig is also available.