Bluefin’s new IYS (Intelligent Yacht System) module provides a simple yet sophisticated and cost-effective way of controlling onboard lighting via an easy-to-use app.

Working with compatible MFDs and mobile smart devices, the Bluefin app-connected IYS module controls low voltage lighting above and below the water. With six output channels available, it can also control other onboard systems including pumps, motors, fans, wipers, horns, alarms and any per channel DC load up to 10A. There is also a separate control output for colour change yacht signage and name boards. Additional lighting control can be provided directly from the module via a DMX/RDM Bus. All six IYS channels are PLC-enabled, giving a high level of control for all Bluefin two-wire lights, including single colour, dual colour and colour change. Features such as dimming, strobe, colour and modes can also be directly controlled over the power connections. The Bluefin app for Raymarine will be available in March, with versions for other brands of MFD coming soon.