Raymarine’s new CAM300 mini day-night IP camera is a compact, high definition, fully waterproof camera that transforms an Axiom MFD display into a powerful onboard video observation system.

The new CAM300 is 40% smaller and is a wider field-of-view visible camera than its predecessors. It is also equipped with an HD video sensor that can be used to monitor blind spots or check in on the crew.

The CAM300 can also be combined with an AR200 sensor to enable ClearCruise Augmented Reality, a user experience that overlays AIS targets, waypoints and chart objects directly onto an Axiom high-definition video display.

Rated IP66, the CAM300 is easy to install with either a direct 12-volt connection or a single Power over Ethernet (POE) cable. The reduced footprint means there are more options about where it can be mounted.

The CAM300’s 3MP CMOS sensor ensures up to 1080p resolution with users able to view up to four CAM300 video streams simultaneously on single Axiom display.

Built-in infrared emitters deliver excellent near-field low light visibility up to 10m.