Raymarine’s new Axiom+ range of nano-coated MFDs deliver toughness, super-fast performance, new features and brighter displays.

Available in 7, 9 or 12-inch models, the new Axiom+ range has twice the resolution, is 25% brighter with more vibrant colours, greater detail, sharper definition and offers even wider viewing angles than the models it replaces.

Powerful quad-core processors deliver ultra-smooth chart redraws, even while running multiple applications, and additional internal storage dispenses with the need for additional memory cards. Featuring RealVision™ 3D, CHIRP sonar, SideVision sonar and DownVision sonar, Axiom+ provides a detailed view of the underwater world from a single all-in-one transducer.

Impact-resistant HydroTough™ nano-coated displays repel water and oils for accurate touch control in all conditions.

A new, four-times more sensitive internal GPS provides more accurate navigation, while Raymarine’s ClearCruise Augmented Reality overlay functionality allows smarter navigation.

Fully networkable and expandable, the Axiom+ range is available nationwide.


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