Developed by Betta Batteries, the world’s only manufacturer of Lead Crystal batteries, Betta Lead Crystal batteries feature breakthrough new technology. More importantly, they have none of the disadvantages of traditional lead-acid, gel or AGM batteries.

“Lead Crystal batteries are incredibly robust and have an extremely long service life: up to 18 years (or 6000 cycles at 20% Depth Of Discharge)!” says L&B product manager Bob Fassio.

“They can also be deeply, or even completely, discharged without damage, meaning owners can safely install smaller battery banks.”

Lead Crystal batteries can also be stored for up to two years without top-up charging, offer similar performance to lithium batteries at just a third of the cost, are cleaner and safer than lead-acid batteries (with less acid, no cadmium and no antimony) and up to 99% recyclable. Classified as non-hazardous for air, sea and land travel, they are also easier to transport. They do not require special ventilation or cooling, meaning they can be positioned virtually anywhere on board.


Relatively inexpensive, incredibly long-lasting, virtually impossible to damage, Betta Lead Crystal batteries are available nationwide through Lusty and Blundell’s network of leading marine dealers.

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