STAINLESS STEEL IS a misleading term. Exposed to the elements, it eventually oxidizes and may even corrode or rust—especially around saltwater.

Restoration is quick and easy with Innovation Award-winning Buff Magic and a Shurhold Clean-N-Simple tip.

A true one-step product, Buff Magic contains a jeweller’s rouge that breaks down as it’s used. The formula starts with an aggressive abrasiveness that quickly removes surface oxidation and rust, transforming into a creamy paste gentle enough to polish easily scratched materials like Plexiglas.

Using Buff Magic is simple: it can be worked by hand or using a small electric tool on low speed. Because the concentrated formula contains no fillers, a little goes a long way.

Once the original shine of the stainless steel is restored, a microfibre towel and Shurhold’s Serious Shine Quick Detailer will make the hardware sparkle like new.