The 45-amp, 12-volt, three-stage IDC45 provides safe, reliable and faster battery charging and can handle more demanding applications, including charging 12V secondary/auxiliary deepcycle batteries on the go.
Able to charge simultaneously from solar and alternator inputs, it automatically shifts between solar and alternator (9-32V) inputs – no manual switching required. The IDC45 features dual charging modes for compatibility with both conventional and ‘smart’ alternators and can be used as a MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) solar controller.
The IDC45 automatically shuts down if a voltage issue is detected while over-temperature protection automatically adjusts charger output based on battery temperature. The IDC45 also features anti-sparking and reverse connection protection.
The charger supports GEL, AGM, WET and Calcium batteries, with periodic equalisation to remove acid stratification from calcium batteries. The IDC45 is shock-, vibration- and dust-proof to IP67 rating, also water resistant.
Available at all leading automotive outlets, Projecta’s ‘Intelli-Charge’ IDC45 is supported by a two-year warranty.