Vesper’s new Cortex VHF offers a built-in smart AIS SOTDMA transponder and its remote monitoring solution, in combination with the powerful Cortex Monitoring App, provides peace of mind for skippers who are away from their vessels.

Anchor Watch immediately alerts skippers should their boat move while at anchor. In addition, skippers can opt to receive alerts for changes in water depth and wind speed or direction while at anchor.

Using its unique Geofence feature, Cortex will guard against theft by detecting whether a trailer boat is moved when it is supposed to be stationary, or a vessel has broken free of its mooring. In conjunction with onboard pressure sensors, Cortex can also notify you if any unwanted guests board your vessel.

Cortex can report on bilge pump activation and frequency, battery charging and shore power connections. Cortex checks on fridges and freezers, so food or bait won’t spoil, monitors fuel and water tank levels and battery charge.

Cortex can also monitor barometric pressure, wind, temperature and humidity sensors to report on the current weather situation at the vessel.

Connected to gas and temperature sensors, you can control and remotely turn on ventilation if required.