Marine stalwarts Carl Jorgensen of CJ Boats Ltd and Richard Edlin of Edlin Marine Ltd have partnered to form a new business based at the Marsden Cove haul-out facility north of Auckland.

The new Company, Cove Boatworks Ltd, will provide services across all aspects of vessel maintenance, repairs , alterations and new construction. Its goal is to build a company that has longevity within the Marsden Marine Precinct and aligns with the views of Marsden Maritime Holdings.

Carl is tasked with all aspects of onsite management, which allows Richard to be more involved in the design concepts, construction details, staff training, off-site projects, and consulting with owners or their representatives.

“We have built a solid team of tradesmen offering more than 160 years of combined experience, along with apprentices and labourers. Our services range from, but are not limited to, painting above and below the waterline, interior timber joinery, timber construction, resin infusion and vacuum bagging composites, engine room modifications, windows and deck hardware fitting and repairs and more,” says Edlin.

“And while the yard at Marsden Cove use submersible trailers ideally suited to lifting multihulls, the team at Marsden Cove Marina has the experience to deal with all types of vessels,” says Edlin, “We are looking forward to working alongside them.”


Phone Richard: 021 246 3541