The world’s most powerful V8 diesel outboard family has launched, along with ‘Here’s to the Pioneers’, a campaign that celebrates noted individuals who win on water or in life.

The ‘Here’s to the Pioneers’ campaign identifies 21 inspirational people from the past and present who have created the kind of “Hell, Yeah!” moments for which Cox Marine is increasingly known.

It marks the proud introduction of the latest addition to the Cox Marine product line-up, a 350-horsepower variant of their flagship V8 outboard.

While the pioneers feature some expected names, including Amelia Earhart, Neil Armstrong, and daredevil Evel Knievel, more unexpected personalities, such as tennis powerhouse Serena Williams and ground-breaking composer and conductor Jon Batiste, are included.

A moving and inspirational 60-second film, available on the CoxMarine website, was created and premiered at the Miami International Boat Show.

The British outboard manufacturer Cox Marine was co-founded by David Cox, who firmly believed that the days of unsafe gasoline outboards were numbered.


Gavin Wesson, CEO of Cox Marine: “Believing there had to be a better way was the thought that inspired our pioneering journey to develop a lightweight outboard powered by alternative fuel options to gasoline that meant not having to compromise on what is important.

“The launch of our first product, the Cox Marine 300 – a 4.4-litre, twin-turbo, 300-horsepower V8, made that vision a reality. The launch of the Cox Marine 350 marks the next chapter in Cox Marine’s ambition for cleaner, safer seas for everyone.”

The Cox Marine 350 outboard propelled Cox forward in breaking its speed record, powered by alternative fuels, in October last year.