DOCKMATE, MANUFACTURER  of  wireless remote control systems for yachts, has added a  new free feature for all Dockmate analogue and CAN bus remote controls, called Throttle+.

Throttle+ offers a predetermined additional boost of throttle on every SINGLE+, TWIN+ and TWIST Dockmate remote control. Building on the recent release of Dockmate’s patented SoftDocking feature, every Dockmate can now have three levels of engine control.

On SINGLE+ and TWIN+ models a quick tap of the forward or reverse button gives a pre-programmed gentle rotation of the prop, called SoftDocking, for close quarters maneuvering; a full press of the forward or reverse buttons engages idle power; and by pressing the SEL button while pressing either forward or reverse gives a pre-programmed boost of additional throttle called Throttle+. This predetermined amount of throttle can be calibrated per direction to fit the precise needs of each customer and the type of vessel they own.