Marinaquip is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of marina and mooring equipment, including pile mooring rings, docking wheels and marina fenders, with more products under development. Marinaquip’s newest design (with patent pending) for safe and secure swing moorings called a Highbuoy. The first model is the Highbuoy 1250 with a distinctive long neck for ease of use.

Other models are coming soon. The benefits of Highbuoy include a long neck to hold the top mooring line at an easily accessible and convenient height, while also keeping it dry and free from bio-fouling; low internal position for a top swivel to satisfy regional council requirements around swing mooring safety; no chance of high swivels and shackles banging on boat hulls and twin float chambers for residual buoyancy and high visibility.

Highbuoy is rotationally moulded in special materials to reduce any noise and marking issues and features internal sleeves and discs for wear protection.