What weighs less than 5kg, runs for 80 minutes at cruising speed, doesn’t use a drop of petrol and will propel your tender wherever you want it to go?

Meet the TEMO 450, a brilliant French product that will completely transform the way you think about short distance travel at sea.

The TEMO has built-in lithium batteries that you can recharge from 230V or 12V power sources. The unit can telescope from 130cm to 170cm, all while maintaining an IP67 waterproof rating. It has a progressive trigger for complete control of speed from the 450w brushless motor, plus both forward and reverse propulsion.

Safety is ensured by use of a magnetic safety cut-out device, similar to the kill switch you may be familiar with from an outboard engine.

Easily mounted using the included rowlock pin fitting, a full range of accessories is also available, from security to spare parts.

From ferries to electric vehicles, green technologies are now a part of our lives. With the TEMO 450 that technology is now available to every small boat owner.


The TEMO 450 is marketed in New Zealand by Tenob Wholesale Marine Ltd and retails for $2992.94 INC GST.

www.temofrance.com www.tenob.co.nz 0800 273 9180

Check out the video.