Eyachts top Axopar dealer

In November the Australia-based Eyachts team travelled to Finland for the Axopar Dealers’ Days and the reveal of the Axopar 37.

When the final Axoparty event came around, the dealer awards, the jet-lagged team’s ears [pricked up at the sound of their name. Jan-Erik, CEO and co-founder of Axopar, declared Eyachts the Best International Dealer of the Year.

Jan-Erik, had this to say:

“Each year we show our appreciation for our dealers through the Axopar Dealer Awards, recognising dealers for their sales successes, loyalty and partnership strengths, as well as for brand and product engagement. In order to be considered the Best International Dealer of the Year, a dealership must ‘live and breathe’ the Axopar brand, demonstrate commitment and exceed customer expectations.

Eyachts have from day one believed in Axopar, and they introduced the brand with great success to the Australian market, also bringing customers to motorboating from other boating segments, such as sailing. They have worked on a long-term basis to build up the brand in Australia, undertaking marketing in line with Axopar standards and participating in strategically important boat shows all around Australia.  Eyachts produces its own Axopar marketing and sales materials, including Axopar customer stories and boat videos featuring its end customers. The work has obviously paid off, which can be seen in its sales figures and particularly in its strengthening presence in New Zealand.


We want to wholeheartedly thank Eyachts for their tremendous work and for establishing the Axopar brand in Australia.”