Fischer Panda has extended its range of extremely compact, lightweight and super-quiet variable-speed generator sets with the PMS 19i. The PMS 19i is rated at 18.7kVA, 15kW and delivers the same advantages as the rest of the ‘i-series’ range.

This technology uses a permanent magnet alternator which operates at variable rpm based on the generator’s connected load. Aside from savings in size and weight and its quiet operation, its variablespeed technology allows it to be more fuel efficient with lower exhaust emissions than traditional fixed-speed generators at most load profiles.

Fischer Panda offers a range of ‘i- series’ variable-speed generators from 5kVA to 60kVA.

In New Zealand, Fischer Panda generators are distributed and serviced by Enertec Marine Ltd, which has worked with Fischer Panda for more than 27 years.