The new 55lb thrust Haswing Cayman Bow Mount electric trolling motor comes complete with GPS.

Haswing’s Helmsman App gives skippers wireless control from their Android or iOS device over functions such as Jog and Spot Lock, Record and Re-track and Return To.

With encapsulated electronics and a sacrificial anode, corrosion resistance is excellent, making it suitable for both saltwater and freshwater use. Backed by a 30-month warranty, it can drive boats weighing up to 1250kg. The Cayman B offers variable speeds via the wireless remote or an optional foot controller and delivers versatility with wireless features such as Anchor, Jog and Cruise Control functions through the Helmsman app.

Using the app, skippers can navigate between waypoints, sail or troll at a set speed, even in bad weather, save routes for future trips and hold the vessel over a fish or dive spot.

The unit’s supplied with a wireless hand control, sacrificial anode and encapsulated electronics, as well as an LED battery meter, a 1.5m wiring loom and all stainless-steel hardware to fit straight onto the boat.